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The True Transformation Begins? Smart Contracts, Digital Signing and Law

The area that blockchain, cryptography and digital signing technology will benefit citizens most will probably be in the legal industry. I often outline that, in the 21st Century, I cannot understand why this is anything more than a scrawl on the piece of paper:

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A changing legal world

I regularly receive documents and emails with someone’s scanned signature, but still we continue to trust scanned signatures. But now there is a change on the way, as The U.K. Law Commission are undertaking a research project which aims to bring legal clarity to the integration of smart contracts.

  • Administrative Review.
  • Automated Vehicles.
  • Electronic Signatures.
  • Employment Law Hearing Structures.
  • Intermediated Securities.
  • Modernising Trust Law for a Global Britain.
  • Museum Collections.
  • Registered Land and Chancel Repair Liability.
  • Residential Leasehold.
  • Simplifying the Immigration Rules.
  • Smart Contracts.
  • Surrogacy.
  • Unfair Terms in Residential Leasehold


We are now moving into serious applications of blockchain, and these will change our society forever. We are now building a proper digital asset infrastructure, and recording our footprints. At one time it was libraries and great state buildings which held these, but in the future our footprints will be held on a blockchain, for our future generations to use.

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Professor of Cryptography. Serial innovator. Believer in fairness, justice & freedom. EU Citizen. Auld Reekie native. Old World Breaker. New World Creator.

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