Our pride in great SMEs … step forward ECS

Prof Bill Buchanan OBE
5 min readAug 20, 2018


We think to innovate … you need to be small, smart and agile … and we love ECS for breaking through and pushing the boundaries of computer security! Sometimes you get to see the birth of something, and then see the growing pains, and then where you see something blossom … that’s ECS for us!

We have seen ECS grow over the years, and we hope we have given them some great graduates in order for them to achieve their vision. And the nicest thing is when they get rewarded for their work:

and it adds to other awards, including SME of the year. From afar, we are so proud of our local SME, that now stands high in pushing forward cybersecurity. Their awards include:

  • Partner award at Splunk’s global Revolution Awards ceremony.
  • Splunk’s Partner of the Year UK and Ireland award.
  • Best Security Company 2016 in the Cyber Security Awards.
  • Managed Security Partner 2016 in the Computing Vendor Excellence Awards.
  • No. 40 in Sunday Times Tech Track 100 list and the UK’s fastest growing IT security firm.

Watching the birth of something special

We are in the privileged position to work with some great SMEs, and have seen them move from companies of just a few people to ones who contribute extensively to economic activity and who drive innovation. At their core they have spotted opportunities and moved quickly. They generally have thrived through innovation, but their roots often can be traced to just a few people who took risks and managed to battle through.

We have watched as people like Don Smith [here] and Richard Lewis [here] helped lead DNS (a small company security based on Princess Street) to its scale-up and then to be taken over by SecureWorks, and then onto Dell SecureWorks. They now have a considerable base in Edinburgh. Often we have listened to the requirements of these companies as they have grown, and tried to match this to our teaching, who that the companies came back on a continual basis and asked for more graduates as they grew.



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