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Conference keying — the Burmester-Desmedt method

With conference keying, we have t participants, and each of these generates a secret value (r_i), and then transmit a public value generated from this (Z_i). Each of the participants then uses these values, and their secret value, and will generate the same secret key (K_i). In the following, we will use the Burmester-Desmedt method [1], and have five participants, and with varying sizes of a shared prime number (p), and for a common generator (g):

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import random
import sys
from Crypto.Util.number import getPrime
from Crypto.Random import get_random_bytes
if (len(sys.argv)>1):
if primebits>512: primebits=512p = getPrime(primebits, randfunc=get_random_bytes)z=[0]*t
for i in range(0,t):
r[i] = random.randint(0,p)

for i in range (0,t):
X[i]=pow(g,r[(i+1) % t]*r[i]-r[i]*r[(i-1) % t],p)

for i in range(0,t):
K[i] = pow(z[(i-1) % t],(t)*r[i],p)
for j in range(i+1,i+1+t):
if (i==j): continue
K[i]= (K[i]* pow(X[(j-1)%t],(t-j),p))% p
print ("Keys:",K)res=r[0]*r[1]+r[1]*r[2]+r[2]*r[3]+r[3]*r[4]+r[4]*r[0]print ("Computing keys check: ",pow(g,res,p))
Random values (r): [226589242101802, 189829639746726, 188625714155186, 184735699686400, 116440993319309]
Public values (z): [267704455905509, 50015333919247, 15916535078749, 264135697727188, 206738438540103]
X values: [112085216125079, 87590296821257, 260726071053053, 50830423926144, 23766863138958]
Keys: [155751430205915, 155751430205915, 155751430205915, 155751430205915, 155751430205915]Computing keys check: 155751430205915


Within conference keying, Eve sits and listens to Alice, Bob, Carol, Dave and Faith, and their broadcast values, but she cannot determine the shared key they will use for their secret communications.


[1] Burmester, M., & Desmedt, Y. (1994, May). A secure and efficient conference key distribution system. In Workshop on the Theory and Application of of Cryptographic Techniques (pp. 275–286). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg [here].

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