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Well, just in case you get bored over the Christmas break, here is my Christmas Cipher Test.

1.Where would you find the alphabet of “123456789ABCDEFGHJKLMN PQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijkmnopqrstuvwxyz”?

2. Which football team is this:

3. Which city is this (hint):

4. Which message would Mary Queen of Scots send with this (hint):

6. For the Pigpen message below. What is the word (hint)?

7. For the semaphore message, what is the limb that is referenced (hint):

8. For the Knight’s Templar Cipher, what is the organ that is referred to in the cipher (hint):

9. Name the limb (hint):

10. Someone scrawled this on the wall, what does it say (hint):

11. A monk has drawn this symbol, what is the value (hint):

12. The monk has also drawn some triangles on a wall, what does it say (hint):

13. You speak to a Navajo Native American, and he writes down (hint):

What has he just written?

14. Which Web site is this:

15. What is the message (hint):

16. You open up your Xmas presents, and you find a Dvorak keyboard. You are so happy, and find a message of:

What is the secret message (hint)?

17. Crack the following line from a famous Christmas song (hint):

18. Your typewriter is stuck and can only produce an ‘A’ or a ‘B’, but is it trying to tell you something (hint):

19. Someone send you a message, and tell you that the alphabet on their keyboard has been inverted. What is the message:

20. Your favouriate Death Metal band has just released a new album, and it is called ᚠ ᛁ ᚾ ᛞ … what is its name (hint)?

21. For a Playfair cipher with a code word of “xmas”, what is the plain text for (hint):

22. How many Xmas things are referred to here (hint):

23. In computer systems of the past, we used a punch code with six digits. Can you decode this (hint):

24. For a keyword of “xmas” in the keyword cipher, how many animals are referred to here (hint):

25. A cipher uses the One Time Pad given below. The key has character positions of: [38][120][53][230][84][21][107][214]. If the cipher text is “xhnexcyjot”, what is the country (hint)?

26. For a Vigenère cipher with a key of “anteater”, what is this country (hint):

27. Your TV decoder has stopped working, but you can still read the ‘0’s and ‘1’s that are coming through. It looks like a Huffy code, but what does it say (hint):

28. You are in a train station, and there are three rails in front of you and a message on the ground with:

Can you work out the secret message (hint)?

29. A message on the pavement says:

You do a frequency analysis on the cipher, but can’t find a match to letters. What is the message (hint)?

30. Crack the following message [helper]:

31. Decode this Fernet encrypted token [Hint]:

32. On the pavement there are messages which often have equal signs at the end. You read one:

What does it say?

33. Someone tell you that there’s a better cipher than Morse Code, and writes down:

Can you find out the secret message (hint)?

Want more? Try this:

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Professor of Cryptography. Serial innovator. Believer in fairness, justice & freedom. EU Citizen. Auld Reekie native. Old World Breaker. New World Creator.

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